Mala Vita

Performed in Sofar The Hague

Mala Vita is back with a whole new album! After many travels through Europe playing hundreds of festivals and clubs, the band members dedicated countless hours in the studio to work on their fourth album So Far So Good. With this latest achievement, the band has delivered an album full of powerful songs that are not only steeped in the warm-blooded mix of rock and Southern European folk but also find their musical roots in the desert lands of the U.S. and Mexico. The different characters and backgrounds of the three core members make up the unique ‘global roots sound’ of Mala Vita. Their origins (Italy, Bosnia and Serbia) play an important role in that sound, though the band focuses its songwriting mainly on quality rock songs which literally blur musical boundaries. So Far So Good has been recorded by Los Angeles producer Mario Caldato Jr. who is famous for his work with the Beastie Boys, Beck and Jack Johnson. After hearing the first demos for the new album Caldato was instantly excited about a collaboration with the band. He also mixed all the tracks on So Far So Good at his studio in Los Angeles, which gives the album the warm and organic sound that is so characteristic of his work. So Far So Good: it is an expression that resounds both hope and cynicism and is the motto of anyone who lives from day to day. Sitting back in calm resignation that everything will turn out just fine is a luxury not many people can afford. Dreams of the future are a privilege for the lucky few and millions of people cherish the hope that the next day may offer some improvement…So Far So Good.

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