Luke Mitchem

Performed in Sofar Philadelphia

There’s a wind that blows through the corners of Missouri and wraps its hands around the souls of the young, offering passage to the edges of the world. The wind does not promise riches nor fame, only adventure, hardship, tragedy and eventually triumph. And in every soul, the beholder chooses to be swept away by the howling wind or to stand their ground in the soil of their heartland. Luke Mitchem allowed his soul to be carried away… Nestled in the southwest corner of Missouri as a child of a nurse and a metal maker, Luke was warmed by the voices of Bruce Springsteen, Jim Croce, and The Doors.. The passing of the seasons brought on influences from The Counting Crows and late nights watching Tom Waits performances on MTV. And like an aged Kentucky bourbon, Luke’s love for music matured over time from fan to writer to performer... With a batch full of poems turned into songs, the Missouri wind carried Luke to the mountains of Colorado to record his first of three albums at Over The Mountain Recording Studio. Recorded in 6 days, during which his greatest musical inspiration passed away, Luke channeled his love and loss into It Won’t Last Forever. Shortly thereafter, Luke recorded his follow up albums, A Fading Frontier and Love, Laura and The Bomb, which chronicled the beginning, middle, and end of a ‘fragile love story’... A ‘long winter’ allowed Luke to focus on his most ambitious recordings to date in the name of Winter Kissing on the Spring. Recorded at The Great Northern Sound Society studio in Parsonsfield, Maine in 10 days, Luke and his ever growing Endless Spirits Band locked themselves away in the late 1700s farmhouse and recorded his most ‘realized’ album in the Spring of 2012… Fast forward 2 years and past one major back surgery and Luke is on the cusp of releasing his 5th album, For You, I Built a Mountain. Traveling through the fading frontiers and the mountains of the West, Luke allowed the wind to sweep his heart/soul/mind to American Fork, Utah, where he recorded with one of his most influential inspirations, Joshua James. In the heart of Willamette Mountain Studios, Luke channeled the spirits of the wolves, the chants of the ghosts, and the howl of the wind to free his voice...

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