Performed in Sofar Montréal

Louize is the new incarnation of the duo Fire/Works, which shelved their acoustic instruments for something a bit heavier and more rock. Now a quartet, the montrealers of Louize are putting their root down in a new music style. Imitation Gold, their first album, is packed with 9 tunes mixing heavy groove, catchy melodies and a soundscape that leads us somewhere new. It’s the style of music that is inspired by the beautiful and the ugly in an explosive mix. The band features Jonathan Peters (OJO visual artist) and David Lagacé (La Famille Ouelette) at the guitars and vocals, Étienne Dupré (Mon Doux Saigneur, Jesse Mac Cormack, Caltâr-Bateau) at the bass and Francis Ledoux (Helena Deland, Jesse Mac Cormack, zouz) at the drums.

No videos are available yet for Louize