Performed in Sofar Kampala

Lamu is a young artist with passion for music and film. She has always loved music and singing but took it professional in 2018. She has worked with various producers including Rey Mac, Bushingtone, and Mio Made and etc to make an impact on the scene with her distinctive sound. She is a creative and performer who has proved so on various stages like Bantu Vibes' The Clan Meetings , Shorts Na Lesu, Aka Dope, Blankets and Wine and etc. Her sense of style is unique and authentic, both in her music, writing and fashion. Lamu puts an urban twist with English, Swahili and Luganda that can be enjoyed all over East Africa and beyond. She is one of the 100 upcoming Artists that were picked and recognized from across Africa by Mr Eazi and Empawa Africa in 2018. The official music video for her Debut single "Something About You" dropped on YouTube earlier this year and her new single FALL IN that dropped in September Her music can be streamed and downloaded on various music platforms.

No videos are available yet for Lamu