Performed in Sofar Melbourne

If Lakyn looks familiar, that’s because you might know him – maybe from his time as a pro skater, or from his days on a Popular Reality Show that shall not be named. Maybe you’ve just seen him around Melbourne, with his shock of bleached blonde hair and constantly dazed expression. Lakyn spends a lot of his time in an imaginary world; one where life doesn’t get in the way of reflections and shadows that most people would walk right past. His unique point of view makes him seem sometimes like he’s only just woken up, which might come across as bizarre at first, but don’t worry – it’s just Lakyn being Lakyn. It’s in his interactions with his best mate Biggie Smalls (his pet bird), the faux fur coat and bulbous sunglasses, in the impish grin he adopts in his Instagram videos when he knows he’s being particularly funny but doesn’t want to give himself away. For someone whose music is so serious, there’s a surprising roguish bent to Lakyn’s personality. When Lakyn writes music, he sees little pictures and films in his head, which is then imbued with his own emotions, memories and views. If you close your eyes while you listen, you might be able to see a bit of Lakyn's world- filled with childlike curiosity and ingenuity. He says “over the past few years I’ve realized that it’s important to just be me, no matter what.”

Videos by Lakyn