Kid Rated R

Performed in Sofar San Francisco

Hip hop. We all love it and hate it. Music. We can't live without it. In a time where album sales are in an all-time slump and ringtone music is sky-rocketing it's hard to imagine a new artist emerging and staying in the game longer than a 15 minute record deal. With new and established artists taking on a million roles through independency and debt-inducing record deals how can an artist stay focused on what's most important which is, the music. In comes, THE KID RATED R. An artist that focuses not on his next hit but more on his next masterpiece. When the speakers are loud, the levels are good and the heads are moving that's what drives THE KID. People say patience is a virtue, but in a game where patience might mean your time passed you by, timing is everything. But one thing is clear. When you make timeless music your time is always now. So let's stay tuned for the future to become today. As they say, the music speaks for itself.

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