Katherine Evans

Performed in Sofar Miami

Katherine Evans is a 21-year old singer/songwriter from Westchester, New York. She is a senior at the University of Miami in Florida where she studies music business and songwriting. Her first year at Frost, she was a jazz voice major, and jazz has certainly influenced her singing and writing style. However, her songs are most-affiliated with folk-rock and alternative-pop, with pieces of jazz and R&B thrown into the mix. Katherine’s eclectic influences give her a sound that is unique and enticing. Using vivid imagery and smooth, velvety vocals, she delivers meaningful messages through her music. Katherine Evans enjoys electronic-pop, and she produced her ethereal latest single, Natural Selection, by herself. She also has a passion for bluegrass, admiring bands like The Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek. She is the lead singer and fiddle player in Big City Folk Band, with Sam Feinstein on bass and Matthew Clinkenbeard on guitar. Her band’s EP, Growth, was released this past August. They have toured in Nashville and Southern Florida, and they recently got their own Pandora station. Katherine wrote ‘Who Am I’, the 4th track on the EP, and co-wrote ‘Girl With The Blue Guitar’ with Garrett Smith. In the summer of 2015, Katherine was Artist of the Month at The Bitter End in NYC. She also received the Daniel Pearl Music award from Mark O'Connor, allowing her to play a Jonathon Cooper fiddle for a year. This past September, she played in the orchestra at the Paramount Theater in Hudson Valley with Daisy Jopling for The Awakening Show. She looks forward to future musical projects and is thrilled to be playing with Sofar Sounds.

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