Karen Inder

Performed in Sofar Miami

Karen Inderbitzin began her career as a singer and songwriter in Mexico City. In 2004 she put together a rock pop band called "Satin Dolls" which was signed shortly after to Universal Music. In 2006 they released an EP and in 2008, an album called “Luces y Sombras” (Lights and Shadows). Their songs appeared in several compilations and on the soundtrack of the movie “Debajo la Sal”. The band toured around Mexico and The USA, playing at major music festivals like “Vive Latino” numerous times and at SXSW twice. They worked with producers such as Phil Vinall Radiohead, Placebo and Zoe, Meme del Real from Café Tacuba, Yamil Rezc from Zoe, Gustavo Menendez and Memo Gil. Five years after Satin Dolls came to an end and Karen Inderbitzin started her solo career steering away from the her rock sound and awakening her electronic and pop influences. She started to write with several producers in Mexico such as Erik Rubin, Balta Hinojosa, Billy Mendez from “Motel” and the Contreras brothers. In 2012 she released his first single and video as a solo artist "All We Have". Soon she decided to move to Los Angeles where she played at the Viper Room, House of Blues, Los Globos, among other venues. She worked with producers like Orlando Vitto, Brandon Curtis of "Secret Machines" and Ricky Luna. In 2013 she released an EP of remixes of the single "All We Have". Karen Inderbitzin, currently resides in Miami where she writes for other artists and is producing her latest material. She has worked with Julca Brothers, Marthin Chan, Echo Hits, Santiago Hernandez among other musicians and producers. The singer and songwriter carries a musical renewal with textures of alternative influences, pop, and electronic sounds. Her songs thread a career of continuous transformation and her voice resonates in her vulnerability leaving a mark wherever it is heard.

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