Joshua Howlett

Performed in Sofar Lausanne

Joshua is a folk/rock artist from Switzerland. Born in England, he moved to Switzerland as a kid, and wouldn't know where to fit between his two cultures as a result. His compositions are greatly influenced by this situation. Surrounded by music from the most tender age, he developed a passion from various music instruments and learned how to harmonise his voice with his guitar. He has never stopped writing nor singing since then. He started as a solo artist from his bedroom, posting covers as well as his own compositions on his YouTue channel. Things got serious in 2017 when he recorded his first EP, "Autumnal", made of 5 tracks. A videoclip was shot in Dover, England, to present the Joshua's universe as well as his sentimental state and its evolution as the voyage went. The young artist reflects on his own thoughts, life experiences and love in his songs. His influences are from the likes of Ben Howard, Charlie Simpson, Bon Iver or Lewis Watson.

Videos by Joshua Howlett