Jontha Links

Performed in Sofar Los Angeles

Shamik and Conrad came from humble beginnings in the suburban Midwest and worked hard to start careers in tech, moving to Silicon Valley to be a part of the world’s largest hub for innovation. They met there and discovered a shared musical interest, spurring the two to collaborate whenever not occupied with their internships. After many late nights in the studio and early mornings at work, they realized they could no longer ignore their lifelong passion for music. Jontha Links formed, and they left Silicon Valley to make their break as artists in Los Angeles. With a versatile sound that spans jazz, hip-hop and punk, Jontha Links continues to challenge themselves to innovate. In addition to releasing their debut EP "Jam" Jontha Links has performed at numerous venues from New York City to the Bay Area. And now, with their sights set on 2020, Jontha Links has more in store than ever before.

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