Johnny Franco

Performed in Sofar Portland, OR

Though born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, from Johnny's first composition at age 13, to his latest tune written last week, English has always been the natural language for this multi- talented artist. Johnny Franco has been in contact with the art-world ever since the day he was born. Weather from accompanying his famous-singer- father, Moacyr Franco, around the country, to staring in TV-shows at the age of 9, Johnny can do it all. While still in high school, he gathered two friends and his cousin to form the Rock ’N Roll band, The Moondogs. After 2 years playing all over town, the band caught the attention of Roy Cicala, a legendary New York sound-engineer from the 70's living in Brazil. Cicala and his vintage toys take credit for the warm/60’s garage sound the band achieved on their debut album “Black & White Woman”, released in 2014. Later on in 2015, Johnny toured with his band and did more than 80 gigs around the world hitting London, New York, Nashville and Los Angeles. Afterwards, Jake Bugg came to Sao Paulo, personally choosing The Moondogs as their opening act for his show. This resulted in a huge buzz on social media, leading the band to 2 appearances on national television and an invitation to play Musikfest, which is the third biggest free music festival in the United States. After this concert, Johnny stayed in the US, where he found love, shelter and inspiration for his upcoming releases. In the beginning of 2017, he bought a ticket back home, recorded 9 new songs with The Moondogs and 6 tunes by himself in a state of the art studio. In September 2017, he will make his solo debut, singing an upbeat electronic track ‘Road’ featuring Bruno Martini and legendary producer Timberland.

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Thursday, 28 October 2021
Seattle, WA, US
Conor Byrne Pub
Friday, 29 October 2021
Portland, OR, US
Pandyfest Backyard
Saturday, 30 October 2021
Seaview, WA, US
Sou'Wester Lodge

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