Performed in Sofar Boulder and Denver

JOHN COMMON sometimes wishes he were a filmmaker or a painter. But due to a run-in with his older brother's record collection at an impressionable age, he ended up with an obsession for making music instead. "John Common makes sure that he leaves nothing unturned when he writes. He makes naked people. Or, he turns them naked. He disrobes them." – Daytrotter "A songwriter of remarkable depth and maturity." – Denver Post “He examines the terrors of adulthood and busted relationships… John Common makes maturity sound like a condition that thrives on the distance between us all — and that may be the point.” — Nashville Scene "Raw, yet sophisticated pop." – The Onion “By the third song, I was a fan. By the fifth song, I wanted to join the band. The music was very nearly flawless.”– The Examiner “From the second they took the stage until the second they left it, they played with the sort of blind joy that will make you believe in whatever they're doing -- it's pure passion and happiness.” – Westword "John's clever lyrics and perfectly crafted songs are outdone only by his huge and prolific body of work. This guy puts out a solid album twice a year. No wonder his songs are good." – Denver Music Scene “The lyrics are those of the poet–laureate, insightful, and glaringly crisp in their focus. Full of mystery, intrigue, loneliness, pain, and searching --- and there’s no direct answers here…there’s no salvation, no redemption - although there is hope, optimism.” The Colorado Sound