Performed in Sofar Chicago and Champaign

Jofred Estillo doesn’t like to slap a genre on his music. In his mind, he’s taking the best pieces of what’s already there, fusing them together Dragon Ball Z style. He’s keeping things familiar while surprising listeners. Originally from California, Jofred moved to Joliet Illinois, and he attended Bolingbrook Highschool. That’s where he met Steven Pugh and Rob Lyrical. The three of them created the group Chinza fly in 2007, through which they released an EP and several mix tapes. Jofred still lives in Joliet and makes his frequent journey to PVTSTCK studios, often coming up with some of his best lyrics in the car. Through music, Jofred sincerely elevates Asain Americans while paying homage to Black culture. His latest work, “Tulpa” is a testament to that while also an expression of his development as an artist. “Asian Americans often get pigeon holed through common stereo types,” says Jofred. “The song Yellow Boy is the most charismatic way to represent us.” He’s displaying longevity without, quirks, gimmicks or novelty. Tulpa is a personification of his subconscious thoughts. The album has a strong sense of development, clarity, and direction. It highlights Jofred coming into his own as an artist. Jofred brought his work to PVTSTCK where it was finalized, polished and given a stamp of professionalism.

Videos by Jofred