Jeff Turner

Performed in Sofar San Francisco, Sacramento and Washington D.C.

Jeff Turner is a Music Composer, Poet and Public Speaker from the Bay Area, California. Known for his live performances and Hip hop cyphers around the world, hlusing the art of rhythm poetry and melody that packs a message of courage along a mysterious and often difficult journey. Entered into the foster home system at the age of 7, he was no stranger to the challenges of life. By the age of 12 Turner found himself Writing poetry to find his voice and shortly after, placed lyrics to the rhythm and found it a powerful tool of liberation. Having toured the US from Sacramento to Dallas to New York and today he is a multi instrumentalist going for his second South American tour and with 15 million views on YouTube He has crossed barriers even beyond language in his belief that MC stands for “move the crowd”. Not only making music but also Offering workshops and classes in the Art of RPM at Colleges Conferences and Centers, sharing what he has learned in a very moving and capturing presentation reminding us that "in the age of machines, Human interaction still matters”

Videos by Jeff Turner