Jasper Sloan Yip

Performed in Sofar Vancouver

Jasper Sloan Yip emerged from Vancouver’s music scene with his wide-eyed pop debut Every Day and All at Once in 2010. The album’s singles charted on CBC Radio 3, appeared on network television, and established Jasper’s signature warbled tenor on the west coast. His ambitious 2013 follow-up, Foxtrot, showcased a marked refinement of both his writing and recording ability. The album’s lead single “Show Your Teeth'' breached the top ten on CBC Radio 2 and earned him a “Best of BC” songwriting prize. His next move was 2017’s critically-acclaimed Post Meridiem. Crafted during a three-week stay at Vancouver’s analog fortress Afterlife Studio, the album was an artistic breakthrough, landing Jasper a 2018 Western Canadian Music Award nomination for “Pop Artist of the Year'', and an invitation to lecture at the University of British Columbia’s Creative Writing department. The album was Jasper’s first truly international release, opening the door to his debut performances and tours in Europe and the United States. Now, Jasper is set to release his fourth offering: a double EP titled Strange Calm / Blushing Autumn. Recorded a year apart during the global catastrophe of 2020 and 2021, these collections reflect the subdued and fractured nature of the times they inhabit. Strange Calm is a six-song elegy for a warming world from a songwriter aging out of his scene. The four songs on Blushing Autumn, however, offer a steep correction to their world-weary counterparts, and explore the hope and promise of new life. Strange Calm/Blushing Autumn is out October 26 via Tiny Kingdom.

Videos by Jasper Sloan Yip