Jan Augsberg

Performed in Sofar The Hague

Jan came up with the idea for the project '100/100/365' in the summer of 2015. The concept behind it was to create a kind of challenge, not only for him but for people to follow. The whole thing should sound impossible on the one hand but somehow manageable on the other. The concerts are not limited to Germany. In March the tour started with a long journey through Asia, where Jan has played in cities such as Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Osaka, Shanghai and Hong Kong. He continued playing in England, the Netherlands, Swiss, Poland, Portugal and of course in Germany as well. Jan Augsberg is playing quiet and often melancholic piano and guitar pieces from his two albums 'Low' and 'Sailor', which he recorded at 'Clouds Hill Recordings' in Hamburg back in 2014 and 2015. Both albums are available online on 'iTunes', 'Spotify' and 'Deezer' The project is supported by 'Spread Music' and 'FRANZUNDSCHOLZ'. Without their help and the generous help of friends and family, the project '100/100/365' wouldn't be possible.

Videos by Jan Augsberg