Performed in Sofar Miami

Jahzel Dotel (jazz-elle/ doh-tell) is an independent artist, singer/songwriter born to a Dominican-Lebanese-Spanish family in New Jersey. She has been singing since she was 4, and started singing in Miami in 2010. She has won the 1st place vocalist award for the Miami Beach Jazz Festival in 2013. She has been performing all around Miami in venues such as, The Fillmore, El Tucan, Ball & Chain, NBC6, MiraTV, and outside Miami including The Bahamas, New York City, and Colombia. In April, 2016, Jahzel released her debut album LEFTOVERS along with producer Rodolfo Troncoso of Satori Sounds Publishing.. She is currently writing and composing new songs for her new upcoming project with producer Marthin Chan of Sony ATV Publishing.

No videos are available yet for Jahzel