Izzy Day

Performed in Sofar Gold Coast

Izzy Days' unique, affecting blend of folk & soul heartens the atmosphere, and has audiences halted by her rhythmic melodies and semi-hollow jazz guitar. Biography She has a strong passion for social justice and global equality, she is an advocate for the ones who cannot be heard. Living to inspire and be inspired, using music as a platform to spread medicine and to promote healing across all corners of this planet. "Music has always been a massive part of my life. Growing up I was continuously surrounded by the sounds of my biggest inspiration, my dad, and his banjo, guitar and harmonica playing. I am continuously finding inspiration from countless experiences, people, my environment and just the simple things in life that tend to pass us by." Izzy Day Grounded by her passions and will to generate more positivity she is actively seeking to make a change singing songs to help liberate people's consciousness.

Videos by Izzy Day