Izee Maze

Performed in Sofar Chicago

Izee Maze is an American Pop/R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer out of Chicago who promises to deliver something amazing to music fans across the globe. Born on January 6, 1996, Izee is a first generation American who spent his entire childhood soaking up all of the musical influences of the pop music scene. The impression left on this artistically gifted young man grew into a hunger to leave his own creative mark on the music world. Being the only member of his family to show a precocious musical ability, Izee explains, “once I began learning about music, it was as if a whole new language opened up to me and I could finally communicate clearly”. Through his music, Izee pays homage to all of the greats from Prince to Justin Timberlake to, none other than the King himself, Michael Jackson. Izee’s sound is an energetic blend of pop, with strong R&B influences, all of which seeks to showcase his tremendous vocal range. Having received several years of classical vocal training at the Chicago High School for the Arts, Izee credits his hours of singing opera to his astounding vocal stamina. Truly making him unique is Izee’s refusal to settle within the confines of one style of music. Izee describes how “every genre has it’s own flow” and how he works tirelessly to infuse a bit of each into his own unique sound. “What sets me apart is that I stay open minded when it comes to music. What I listen to doesn’t exactly translate into what I write. Instead I take it all in and then create music I am passionate about.” With overwhelming sincerity dripping from his beautiful brown eyes, Izee promises, “I want the world to be a more enjoyable, loving place and I know that I can use my music and my passion to work toward that end.” Izee Maze is truly a unique talent who promises to be one to watch as he carves out his place in music history.

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