Performed in Sofar Leiden

Ingeborg is a Dutch Artist and Songwriter born in a city in the northern part of the Netherlands, called Groningen. She moved to Switzerland in 2013, starting up her life and music career from scratch. Not long after her start, Ingeborg already played a prominent role in different productions of Patric Scott and Jesse Ritch at their album releases and tour, playing on different stages, open airs, on radio and TV in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. EP scheduled for 2019 - True North - A meaningful music experience Find yourself drifting away into the wild and untamed nature, pure energy, fairytale ancient runes and the Northern lights. All these elements are translated in the music and lyrics from Dutch artist and songwriter Ingeborg, inspired on the strong power from the North. With the titel ‘True North’ Ingeborg has created her personal compass to give her support and guidance in her own journey in both music and life through meaningful lyrics and sounds that touch the heart. Ingeborg combines her music together with the fairytale visuals created by Skogen Rymd Art from Stockholm.

No videos are available yet for Ingeborg