Henry Bateman

Performed in Sofar Leeds

Henry is a one-man music machine! I have watched him develop and hone his guitar playing and song writing skills since he was a young boy, and taken delight in listening and sharing in each phase of his musical development. Never one to be in a 'mould', Henry's style has been influenced by a range of brilliant and original guitarists and singer/ songwriters, leading to his unique ability to play sparkling percussive guitar and write and sing his own compositions with a confidence and flair that is truly awesome. He has a disarmingly charming and unassuming approach to delivering his own sets at gigs - with a warm sense of humour and normal sized ego - and then he starts to play, fingers flying up and down the fret board, delivering song after song- letting his musical ability speak for itself! Add to this mix the fact that he is an incredibly nice person, who is a real team player and works hard to promote not just his own music and playing, but that of others as well, and you have Henry summed up! He runs and leads local acoustic youth sessions and gig nights, giving performance opportunities to other young players as well as himself. I love the way he enjoys performing with other musicians too, adapting his particular unique playing and singing to those of others. Actually, I am pretty proud to know him - I think I will adopt him as my 'nephew - by- music'. A young man with a brilliant musical future. Watch out world, Henry Bateman is about to be unleashed upon you!! Jay Matthews - Summer 2014

Videos by Henry Bateman