Performed in Sofar Belgrade

Harlekin is dark-pop band active from 2015. The band is characterized by melancholic pop sensibility, as well as powerful vocalist Jovana Kovačević. Combination of shoegaze, post-rock and 80s pop makes Harlekin especially interesting in live shows. So far, band released one album – ‘Tornik’ (2017), and appeared on two compilation albums – ‘Svi zaJedno’ (2017) and ‘Femixeta’ (2019). Over the last 3 years, Harlekin played many festivals in Serbia, like: Koncert godine, HillsUp, Indirekt, Gitarijada Vojvodine, Dev9t, Scena Fest, Palanački Dunav Fest, Protfest, ... By the end of the year, second Harlekin album is expected, for the regional record label 'Menart'.

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Upcoming events by Harlekin

Saturday, 11 July 2020
Namsos, Norway
Sætervik Havfiskefestival
Saturday, 25 July 2020
Røros, Norway
Hessdalen Samfunnshus
Saturday, 29 August 2020
Stjørdal, Norway
Vårtun Samfunnshus

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