Freja The Dragon

Performed in Sofar Stockholm

Behind the alter ego Freja The Dragon we find Stockholm native Freja Drakenberg. Since growing up, music has taken up most of her time. Today she is a full blown singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. After joining Peter Bjorn & John as an extended member on their world tour in 2016, Bjorn and Freja started experimenting in his studio, which led to the embryo of something new, something that would become Freja The Dragon. The duo has written, produced and arranged most part of the music completely isolated from anyone else. The recordings have been rigorous, spanning over a year and have taken place at Björn’s Ingrid Studio and at the legendary Atlantis studio in Stockholm. Finding the right soundscape has been essential, the musical world where Freja The Dragon can live and thrive. Now Freja’s musical expression is as characteristic as her voice. Freja The Dragon’s first single was released by the INGRID label (Peter Bjorn & John, Liv, Amason) on February 22nd in 2019.

Videos by Freja The Dragon