Performed in Sofar Portland, OR

Fountaine is a North East Portland native, anime lover, and well-rounded creative. As a music artist and producer, he's independently released 4 instrumental tapes [Season 1: Android 17, IM TRYING, Blue? (Blue Questions), & Rain?] and 3 full-length LPs [Blak $ushi, Wisteria, & Hell for Infinite Losers] since his start as a solo artist in 2015. His music is filled with witty punchlines that reference meaningful cultural symbols from his upbringing, all while being mediated through his smooth lyrical delivery and exploratory production techniques. Fountaine's artistic platform is best experienced through his live performances, which are participatory in nature, that often call on audience members to engage with him and one another to invite feelings of openness, personal fulfillment, & self confidence. In 2019, Fountaine is prepping for his upcoming album S.O.N. (South of Nowhere) scheduled to be released in the second half of the year. Stay tuned here: @itsfountainebro

No videos are available yet for Fountaine