Performed in Sofar Naples

"FROM" was born from the need to blend stories, languages, melodies of two Neapolitan songwriters already engaged on their own different projects. However, Federica Ottombrino (Fede 'n' Marlen) and Vittorio Romito (Romito) have a common world and a common way of experiencing music. "From" besides the meaning of the actual word "from" as also the union of their names. Music "from": it is a gift that is fulfilled only with the contribution of the one who receives, so the public is a fundamental element of their music. 10 unpublished songs in Neapolitan and Italian to tell a journey through life, in simple things and in intricate ones. Playing together on guitar and cajon Andrea Pasqualini, former guitarist of the Strisce, currently guitarist of Romito. Their first disco will be released in January.

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