Performed in Sofar Jakarta

Duara is a collective project by Robert MR and Renita Martadinata. Distancing themselves from their initial roots of jazz and RnB, respectively, in this venture, the duo explore other sides of their musicality. Duara offers their version of pop music that is genre-agnostic and easy listening, with the intent to provide the audience with an alternative flight of imagination. Robert MR has established a reputation as one of the leading jazz guitarist, composer, and educator in Indonesia. His last release was a 2015 album entitled “Indonesian Songbook”, a modern jazz interpretation of Indonesian songs from the 50’s in collaboration with an Indonesian legendary singer, Harvey Malaihollo. He also has produced and co-produced a number of albums, two of which were nominated in various categories at the Anugerah Musik Indonesia and Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Award. Renita began her singing career as a backing vocalist for various artists such as Maliq & D’Essentials, SLANK, Soul Vibe, Ecoutez, Adrian Martadinata, Raisa and Afgan. With an immense passion for music and singing, she shapes her path by collaborating with many local artists such as Parkdrive, SOVA, Tompi, Andezzz, The Groove, Bebi Romeo, Endrumarch, Bhakes, 21st Night and Boogiemen. She has also released her debut single in 2017, “High In Love”, produced by Joseph Saryuf from Sinjitos Records.

Videos by DUARA