Dela Kay

Performed in Sofar Chicago

Music was always a big part of the household for Dela Kay. From the first time she heard her mother playing piano in her Nashville home, she began to fall in love with music. Seeing the emotional connection a personal song could make fueled her desire to write and to be a storyteller. She studied musical theater at The Chicago College of Performing Arts at the Theatre Conservatory of Roosevelt University, where she grew creatively in many ways, but ultimately felt a strong call back to her roots of songwriting. “I will always love life in the theatre. But there is something so much more satisfying to me when I create something uniquely mine, from my heart, using my own words and music. I draw from the scars of broken relationships just as easily as the joy and celebration of being young and free.” Her electro-pop style began to emerge through a collaboration with Grammy winning singer/songwriter and producer, Femke Weidema, which Femke describes as, “fun, vibey and youthful, but with a sense of longing”. The process in the studio begins with a story and a vibe even before the basic production tracks. “It’s always going to be about how the story makes me feel. At the end of the day, we all just want to feel something.”

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