Dec & Jordie's Magic Moments

Performed in Sofar Madrid and Valencia

Two versatile musicians both with an individual taste and skillset, and a lust for multiple genres. Well travelled, versed and trained in swing, jazz, blues, soul and starting parties. Able to assemble and collaborate with a plethora of extremely talented virtuosos & prodigies, the sound of caramel and nature, of dusty roads and heartbreak, of true love and melody. A spark to the fire & the sounds of the human condition, rolled into a delicious ball of sound, spirit, laughter & joy. One brings the party spirit, big presence and a real good laugh, the other an ear for excellence, jazz, gypsy & blues, together they bring together the magic moments, an unbeatable assembly of all those who can rock, a team for the ages, moments for the eons.

No videos are available yet for Dec & Jordie's Magic Moments