Performed in Sofar St Andrews and Glasgow

Finger style at its finest - DaveBeMac weaves percussive lap-tapping and polyphonic harmonies together like only a musical genius could, blending a multitude of sounds that would usually require a multitude of musicians. Two hands, one guitar, a whole world of musical textures and a bunch of banging tunes that fit weddings to festivals and beyond - from atmospheric, ethereal melters right through to upbeat belters and certified pelters. Growing up listening to trad, funk, soul, hip hop, blues, jazz and classical music has shaped Dave’s proper eclectic sound and his tunes range from beautifully melodic masterpieces to funk, ska, reggae and hip-hop bangers. He picked up the drums at 11, the guitar at 14 and started busking at the tender age of 18, and became a professional musician at 20, so his stage presence and musical prowess have been sculpted from a young age. Armed with just a guitar and a loop station, DaveBeMac’s unconventional style has wowed crowds from their hundreds to their thousands – from UK staples such as the Edinburgh Fringe, Kelburn Garden Party, Tall Ships and Knockengorroch to European festivals such as BYF Festival in Bulgaria and Birstonas Jazz Festival in Lithuania. His experience of working within a wide range of musical projects have also set him in good stead– having conducted workshops in prisons and as part of youth music initiatives and community projects, as well as one-to-one tuition, he is well versed in being personable and sharing knowledge. As well as spending time on stage, Dave is just as comfortable behind the scenes having worked as the Sound Engineer for The Stand and as the Promoter / Curator for The Pitt.

Videos by DaveBeMac