Dan Kanvis

Performed in Sofar Chicago

Dan Kanvis is a hip-hop artist based out of Chicago. Transplanted from Michigan in late 2009, he first made a name for himself within the local scene through the release of mixtapes, and the sole-curation of the monthly Chicago hip-hop night Heavy Rotation (May 2013-June 2014). As a designer as well, he has a strong eye for brand development and has been able to combine those skills to create unique experiences that go alone with his music. On January 20th, 2015, he released his debut album Windows, which features several peers from the burgeoning Chicago scene, including theWHOevers, Daryn Alexus, and Chris Wienke of Carbon Tigers. Windows is very much a declaration of his new sound, an aesthetic that blends honest, and often vulnerable, songwriting with sharp and progressive, midwest-influenced production. With a polished live show, accompanied by a drummer and DJ, he’s positioning himself well to resonate far beyond the region.

Videos by Dan Kanvis