Dan & Drum are two squinty, straw-chewing boys from the shrubby suburbs of Los Angeles. They met in preschool, and, somehow immediately, forged a bond of stable and productive partnership. They learned to communicate, and later became half-formed, fundamentally decent kids, using music to pass the time and process life in an honest way. Then, Dan moved away, forcing them to send unfinished tracks back and forth, as if working on the same love letter. They released their debut, Growl Pop, in Feb. 2017, and thanks to some fans on youtube, earned a million plays on Spotify within the first 6 months. As an unsigned band, they were nonetheless praised by outlets like LA Record and Wild Honey Pie for their gummy, sticky bass lines underpinning an elastic vocal, alternately agile and throaty rich. Best exemplified by songs like Lester, their music is jangling acoustics over an 808 thump, where there are inside jokes told in outside voices. They do it to amuse themselves. They also enjoy basketball, the act of smoking, and how to catch a predator.

Videos by Dan & Drum