Cortney Dixon

Performed in Sofar Newcastle

'...the same sort of songwriting gene pool as classic 70’s stuff from the likes of Carly Simon and Fleetwood Mac...and there’s more than a touch of - whisper it – Kate Bush about this ...” The Crack The music that Cortney Dixon makes is unlike much you’ve heard before. She has a beautifully dynamic and flexible voice, that can soar to a powerful soprano, can run softly through your ears like warm honey, or, on occasion, be passionately angry, indignant with the world created in her twisty stories of romantic breakdowns, and uninspiring nightlife. These songs steer well clear of bland tales of social media and phone conversations, and are much more like something a child of the sixties would write, a great deal more literate and imaginative than standard chart material. Marry this voice to these words, then add in great guitar playing and some excellent melodic hooks, and you have some very complete and complex songs , full of interest and quality.’

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Friday, 02 July 2021
Corbridge, UK
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