Performed in Sofar Milan, Tallinn and Naples

The enchanting singer-songwriter-harp player Cecilia has been very fond of her instrument since she was a child. The story begins in 1994, when 5 year old Cecilia saw a harp on TV for the first time, and remained wonderstruck. In 1998 she wrote a letter to Santa without a heading and with a single, clear message: “HARP”. The wished instrument arrives, and after 2 years Cecilia is admitted into the Conservatory of Turin. The rebellious, yet talented and curious student, cultivates her interest in experimentation, and tries to detach the preconception of the harp as a classical instrument, that will lead her to combine the sound of her instrument with electronic music and pop writing. Cecilia is currently performing and working on her upcoming album, to be released at the end of the year.

Videos by Cecilia