Caper Parade

Performed in Sofar Paris and London

Caper Parade is a fun filled, mellow grooving, summer loving trio. ​ Their music will get you dancing, singing and will wash all your worries away. ​ With an underlying groove influenced by many 70s and 80s artists the band also take inspiration from the sounds of more contemporary acts. Having been compared to The Bee Gees, Prince, Vulfpeck and The Beatles, to name a few, the diversity of the group’s musical influence is plain to see.... or hear 😉​ ​ The psychedelic pop funk trio Caper Parade have released four singles and a debut EP since their formation in London in 2014. They have played gigs and festivals in England and across Europe including their ‘Winter 2017 Spain Tour’ and ‘Summer 2018 Europe Tour’. ​ Most recently Caper Parade have been writing and recording exciting new music due for release very soon! ​ Do you like energetic, charismatic and fun songs full of charm and Kooki vibes?.............. (yes!) ​ Then, Caper Parade are sure to put a smirk on your face and get your toes wiggling.

No videos are available yet for Caper Parade