Black Star

Performed in Sofar Jakarta

Black Star is a five-piece band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Throughout years of experience in playing pop-rock alternative music, they had ripened their music. They debuted with their first self-titled album in 2009 with an indie label, Fiasco records. The album was created in modest time, and contains fan favorite and standout track “Abnormal Aku". 10 songs in this album have graceful melodies and unique sounds combined with dark lyrics, and will simply stick in your head. They have been described by some as “a cross between Radiohead and Travis”. They take their fan base with them to every gig, and are always on form, both on stage and off. And have gained a good reputation from every cafè, club, school party and street corner they have performed at. In 2010, they were chosen as the best band in Speedytrek Indienation. Their vocalist, Emir, was awarded with 'Best Overall Male Act' by VIMA (Voice Independent Music Awards), an international award for South East Asian region, in 2013. Recently, their new album 'Luar Angkasa' was released from Demajors Independent Music Industry (DIMI). The first single, also titled 'Luar Angkasa', is an original soundtrack for a comic book series created by Haryadhi, Rixa. A story about an independent Indonesian woman who becomes an astronaut to explore space. You can find and listen to their songs on Spotify Indonesia.

No videos are available yet for Black Star