Performed in Sofar NYC

“No one cares where you are / There’s nothing that you forgot / and nothing you have to do,” sings ARMS mastermind Todd Goldstein at the ecstatic peak of “Missing,” which sounds like an Electro-Pura outtake on steroids, all squealing guitar, honeyed atmosphere, and Tlacael Esparza's deliriously aggressive drums. It’s the sound of Goldstein finally letting the songs speak for themselves, of accepting the fact that, in the face of life’s overwhelming shortness, holding anything back is kind of ridiculous. ARMS’ third LP, Patterns, lassoes every last one of ARMS' sprawling stylistic and emotional tendencies and channels them into a handsome, wild-eyed suite of guitar pop. Patterns is a love letter to letting go—of past lives, of old loves, of best-laid-plans—and it is the long-running Brooklyn-based songwriter’s finest work to date.

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