Annie Pichan

Performed in Sofar NYC

Annie Pichan is a singer, songwriter and performer based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Annie gravitated towards jazz, blues, pop and soul music as a young singer and violinist. She wrote and performed with a musical trio to develop her skills as a singer, collaborator and performer before attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts for jazz voice studies. Since graduating from Berklee, she has spent her time writing, arranging and performing at venues within New York City to cultivate her own project and sound. In tandem, she began studying classical voice through Juilliard’s classical voice program in Spring 2018 in order to diversify her abilities as a vocalist, performer and composer. Annie recently finished writing, composing and co-producing her debut EP titled “Paint My Lover” with Brooklyn based producers Apoena Frota, Andre Vasconcelos and Joe Ulmer. Annie infuses jazz, blues and pop with classical vocal motifs, aiming to bring forth the old world and combine it with the vast musical landscape of the 21st century. The first song off her EP titled “My Lover, I Don’t Need You” debuted on June 28th, 2019 on Montez Press Radio in Chinatown, NYC and through music publication BTR Today. The accompanying music video was selected for both the “Short to the Point” film festival in Prague and “Lift Off Film Festival” in Los Angeles for the best new music video category in June 2019. The “Paint My Lover” EP was released on all streaming platforms November 25th, 2019.

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