Performed in Sofar London Ontario and Waterloo Ontario

Ánima is a versatile multi-instrumentalist unique music composer, interpreter, and arranger, who encompasses a vast mosaic of experimental sounds which often combine contemporary avant-garde flamenco technicality. With his powerful epic sound, as well as his 9 main nemesis characters of mysterious hypnotic images, he can easily and truly captivate his audiences and allow them to effortlessly surrender to the charm of his music. Ánima also composes the score and regular music for films, documentaries, reality shows, corporate videos, and bands. He is available for events of different nature such as festivals, exclusive concerts, expos, fundraisers, award shows, corporate functions, conventions, auctions, art galleries shows, private dinners, weddings, etc. Ánima also teaches guitar, bass, and drums both, privately and at Encore Musical Arts.

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