Amber Mimz

Performed in Sofar London and Washington D.C.

Amber Mimz is an 'Artist Completely.' A musician, designer and creative entrepreneur, sharing my life's truth and journey through music as a singer/songwriter and producer. With 2 self released projects "The Life of Riley" LP and "Three" EP I'm a jazz head at heart but, my sound is inspired by greats from Led Zepelin to Fela to UGK & Erykah Badu. Mimz loves creating produced soundscapes to live instrumental arrangements. Incorporating "June," her megaphone and vocal FX pedals in her performances from DC to Los Angeles to NYC, London and Thailand. Opening for artist Asher Roth, Elle Varner, Dead Prez, Tiffany Gouche' and others hoping to continue my global movement of sharing raw emotion and honest stories through sound.

Videos by Amber Mimz