Performed in Sofar Jakarta

ALMIRA, a singer and working mom who's stage presence has been seen as the Indonesian Adele. A new rising star that emulates her passion for Jazz music like Ella Fitzgerald, but mixing it up with her love for soul and R&B music such as Erykah Badu. She cruises around Jakarta with her Jazzy yet Soulful voice in different venues. After winning the MLDare2Perform competition in 2016, she became the lead singer of MLD Jazz Project Season 2 and toured around Indonesia playing in various Jazz Festivals such as: International Java Jazz Festival, Malang Jazz Festival, Prambanan Jazz Festival, just to name a few. She sang along side great musicians like Ariyo Wahab, Ipang Lazuardi, Andi Riff, Wizzy, Endah and Rhesa, and many more. Now she is focusing on her solo album that is planned to launch in August 2018. She is also passionate about supporting #BodyPositivity in the entertainment industry, where she feels that not all body type are represented in Indonesia. She is also passionate about being a Singing Mom to her daughter Imogen Maheswari. A singer, fighter, and mother, she is starting her career in the right track.

Videos by ALMIRA