Performed in Sofar Oslo

Born October 11, 1991, on the countryside of Stavanger, Norway, singer/songwriter, Alida, grew up with dreams of performing music. Her first concerts started at an early age while she performed in front of multitudes of teddy bears lined up on her bed. At the age of nine she began singing into a tape recorder and listening to herself for fun. "I would spend hours everyday alone in my room just imitating artists I liked and singing some of the things I made." It wasn't until she was eleven that anyone heard her potential. After performing at a school talent show she received acclaim from her fellow students and teachers inspiring her to go on to a music high school where she received many opportunities to perform. She has been writing, singing and playing piano ever since. Currently, at the age of 21, she is working on her debut album with Producer Lars K. Hustoft. She writes indie-electro pop music, and is inspired by artists such as Imogen Heap, Local Natives, Daughter, Bon Iver and Feist.

No videos are available yet for Alida