Alexis VO

Performed in Sofar Washington D.C.

It's easy to hear Alexis V.O.'s influences in her music. She grew up on the shores of the Puget Sound in Seattle, spent much of her life studying classical flute, and now works in ocean conservation in Washington, DC. Her primary instruments are her voice, her flute, and the piano. The music takes on a sea like flow, and her classical training creates complex, interwoven melodies and counter melodies. With her band, that sound transforms from a tranquil bay to a stormy sea, ebbing and flowing like a tide as each song builds and dissolves. Alexis released her first EP, Lost and Found, in December, 2007, and her first full-length CD, Our Paths, in May, 2011. She has toured across the country, and performed on five continents as her work in ocean conservation has led her across the globe. Now settled in DC and finding ways to balance her two passions in life (science and music) she is writing new material, and plans to get back to the recording studio soon.

Videos by Alexis VO