AJ Bihn

Performed in Sofar Miami

Born in Ohio, started playing music at 12, moved to Miami in 2009. After learning saxophone and bagpipes, began to pick up guitar and later flute, trumpet, and many other strange instruments. Soon began composing all original music in almost every genre. In 2014, traveled to Europe in hopes of getting in a band. Played with many groups from Iceland to Turkiye. Got a job glassblowing with one of his former Miami bosses in Czech Republic. Came back and began to work heavily on his own music. Spent almost all of 2015 working on original music, and putting together several albums worth of it. Soon Aj will to move to Austin, TX in hopes of someone hearing his music and beginning an incredible band pertaining to his main axe, saxophone. He hopes of creating entirely new and exciting types of music.

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