Adam & Kizzie

Performed in Sofar Chicago and St. Louis

Adam had been playing the piano since he was just 10 years old. Kizzie's mom fondly recalls singing around the house with her daughter at just 3 years old. When in their mid-teens, music brought the two together as friends after meeting in the high school choir. They were nearly inseparable. After the onset of adulthood, the two kids were led on separate journeys. Both were developing talents in creating their own musical compositions: Adam, honing his spectacular gift in the art of rap; and Kizzie, developing her love of the written word. Thirteen years later, their paths suddenly crossed again. And in the midst of rekindling an old friendship and a newfound shared love of music, an unexpected romance brewed and the two were later married. Now Adam & Kizzie have found themselves in the best shape ever to move the world with his magic fingers and her melodic voice. Combining their unique songwriting skills, Adam & Kizzie have set out to share the gift of music in the best way their hearts know how. The eedo way.

Videos by Adam & Kizzie