9 Horses

Performed in Sofar NYC

9 Horses is comprised of Joe Brent (mandolin), Sara Caswell (violin), and Shawn Conley (bass), leading lights on their instruments who create a unique and gorgeous blend of instrumental virtuosity. All three hail from a classical background, but Brent’s indie-pop sensibility, combined with Caswell’s jazz-inspired lyricism and Conley's extraordinary virtuosity, taken together are at once a breathtaking display of color, melody, and rhythmic drive. Together, Brent, Caswell, and Conley are a musical experience not to be missed. Through Brent's compositions and his unique ability to seamlessly weave together different stylistic threads, 9 Horses forms a rich musical tapestry of diversity, virtuosity, and lyricism. The trio's debut album, Perfectest Herald, was released on Sunnyside Records in the fall of 2015.

Videos by 9 Horses