Zweed n' Roll

Performed in Sofar Bangkok

Inspired by Brit Pop/Rock and alternative bands like The Beatles, The Cranberries, Radiohead and Nirvana, ZWEED n' roll was named by New (the bassist). The name came from "rock n' roll" and "sweet n' roll". The band consists of Sutipat "Pat" Sutiwanit (vocals), Nattapatch "Poon" Smithnookulkit (guitar), Nuttakorn "Min" Sinlawat (guitar), Niti "New" Nitiyarom (bass) and Than Damrongrut (drum). Most of Zweed n' Roll songs are English lyrics. Due to Pat's deep and powerful singing voice which is defined as a heart-warming ballad combines with an intense melody, Zweed n' Roll can grab attention from many listeners immediately. The band has known for over six years and with all the experiences that shaped them to be the band that they are now. Zweed n' Roll willfully to craft their songs that has more impact to all people as never before.

Videos by Zweed n' Roll