Zuli Jr.

Performed in Sofar NYC and Chicago

Sitting in your pocket, on your screen, and in your home, one monolithic brand listens in, makes “suggestions,” and subconsciously informs the world around you. It lies in the background only to entirely shape the foreground. 
 Sound familiar?
 We needn’t cite any real-life names as we know they’re probably listening right now, but this idea remains the crux of Zuli Jr.’s second full-length album, Stop It God. due out spring 2021. In his case, Daisy serves as the ever-present corporate overlord with a HAL 9000-style computer to navigate daily life. Crafting a story of his own, the New York singer, songwriter opens up a worm hole between future-facing pop, Platonic allegory, science fiction, and eerily parallel truths. 
 Overall, Zuli touches on the spectrum of what we put our faith into, and how we choose to cope and find meaning in our lives. Reflecting on the creative being within us all, and the modern world that leads us to believe we are at the center of it. Stop it God. plays as a deliberate statement on the human condition, yet open ended and up for interpretation.

Videos by Zuli Jr.