Zenaida Peterson

Performed in Sofar Boston

Zenaida is a fire starter, a southern green witch and a queer of color who likes the wind chimes outside their window and giving rocks to people they love. Zenaida has competed in 5 collegiate and national poetry competitions placing in the top ten each time. Zenaida has been on winning teams for Voxpop and Rustbelt competitions. Most recently Zenaida was on the House Slam team placing 3rd and is organizing the Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam, the first slam tournament for feminine people. Zenaida believes the softness and floral of people is silenced too often. They also believe everything they hear so you shouldn’t lie to them. Zenaida unwrites the lies they've been given. Zenaida also unwrites violence, misogyny, racism and their ancestors curses.

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