World's Finest Duo

Performed in Sofar Portland, OR

When Chris Couch and Dan Hurley first started playing together, they realized right away how well it worked. Dan had just picked up the banjo and Chris was just trying his hand at writing acoustic centered music. Cut to 7 years later, and the two of them now tour heavily together with the genre-jumping Portland mainstay, World’s Finest, with whom they both share writing duties. Their travels have lead them and their band all over the country, especially the West Coast festival circuit, but they both love the connection that comes from playing more intimate settings with just the two of them. Those situations have been happening more and more these days, so Chris and Dan have tailored their set to capture the hearts of those who listen. The duo show is filled with tender lyrics, strong harmonies and well crafted songs, all tied together with inventive collaboration and inspired interplay.

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