Whale Tail

Performed in Sofar Boston

entirety of Whale Tail can be traced directly back to the 4th floor of 150 Mass. Avenue at Berklee College of Music. It only took a matter of weeks until Matt Gonyea (lead singer), Drake Faso (pianist), James Paolano (bassist), and Ethan Berkowitz (drummer) found themselves in a rehearsal room writing songs together. Whale Tail’s first semester as a band at Berklee consisted of figuring out each other musically as well as getting raw rehearsal time. Dillan Hoyos joined up on guitar and was soon followed by Arsel (saxophone). All living in the same hallway of the Berklee dorms (with the exception of one member) Whale Tail. We started jamming and it took no time at all for us to click and make music, it was somewhat of a miracle

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